Best Sources of Financing for Maker Startups

Tough times call for tough measures and a large dose of creativity by entrepreneurs.  And that is no more apparent in the lending markets.  Even though the credit problems are expected to get better this year, entrepreneurs should look at alternative sources for funding.

Here at, we’re big on the idea of crowdfunding with sources like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and RocketHub.  But some of the more traditional sources for loans and funding shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Catherine Clifford at has put togther a list of funding sources available to entrepreneurs. 

“Many entrepreneurs will have to do what they do best: Be resourceful and find new solutions to their funding problems. Already, a few alternative funding sources are becoming increasingly popular and likely will gain more traction in 2012.”

If you are new to busines funding, you are going to find Clifford’s overview helpful as she covers

  • crowdfunding
  • bank loans
  • small business administration loans
  • venture capital
  • angel investing
  • asset-backed lending

Click here for the source article.

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